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Al- Faisal Group is one of the distinctive and leading monuments in Egypt since it has adopted since its inception on the principle of credibility and attention to the customer in every.

Its stages, beginning from the stage of the target customer was careful to leave a distinct impression whether become a client of our customers or was not our mission from the beginning of specialization and credibility and consistency on the principle and carried the slogan of our treatment begins with God before starting with the client.

As one of the successful groups of companies, success here is not an absolute word, but an act that I have talked about years of work since its inception in 2006 and starting with a single branch with 30 employees to a group of companies have more than 600 employee  all of them at the highest level of skill and professionalism and now workers in deferent fields such as industry, trade, tourism, import and export with a huge group of branches,

The Faisal International Group was established in Egypt in 2006, and Dr. Faisal has been the owner of the group since 2010 to become the Egyptian group 100%.

The Owner

Dr. El-Sayed Faisal

Chairman of Al Faisal International Group


Education and Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor in Commerce, Ein Shams university.

  2. Master degree in Environmental Studies from Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Alexandria University.

  3. Ph.D. Degree in Philosophy of Environmental Studies and Water Treatment from Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Alexandria University.


Professional Field:


Owner ofAl- Faisal International Group.

This group, which started its work in Egypt since 2006 in one of the companies of this group, Sama El-Baraka water treatment and environment technology, that has now reached a success for these years. Sama El Baraka has nine branches. The group now includes the commercial, industrial, import and export and tourism sector is following the successes on the professional side.

Community, public and party work:

  • Assistant Secretary General for Sector Affairs, Misr Balad Party, Alexandria.

  • Chairman of the Social Committee of Alexandria Union Club.

  • Honorary President of the Egyptian Society for the Challenge of Disability.

  • Member of  Lions Meret Club.



Sama El baraka for water treatment & environment technology 
Sama El baraka Import and export
Lama tours for tourism & travel
Rftic for technology & industrial 



Saturday -Thursday: 11am - 10pm
​​Friday: 1pm - 10pm

Behind the Academy, Miami, Department of Montaza, Alexandria,Egypt


0127 324 5555


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